Fractional Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Unite your operations efforts.

Are you journeying through an organizational change? Are your business processes undefined? Does your company lack a designated operations lead?

Our team specializes in breaking these common operations growing pains down into simple tasks.

Here’s how our Fractional COO Services work:

ASSESS - Identify the gap.

We will sit down to learn more about your business and its needs by diving deeper into the questions above. For example, we may realize your team needs a change management plan, defined processes, or employee training.

ADVISE - Define the strategy.

Before execution, we will clearly define the initial goals and what steps will help us reach it. Implementing any change, even small ones, takes research, risk assessment, responsibilities evaluation and more.

ADJUST - Execute the plan.

The third step is where the magic happens. Together, we will unite your operations efforts and continue to plan for the future. In the model we follow, this looks like continuous improvement with a long term focus through proper planning.

ADAPT - Evaluate the results.

The fourth and final step is critical. Your business isn't stationary so the best strategies are adaptable to internal and external pressure and demands.

Circular flowchart starting with ASSESS, then ADVISE, then ADJUST, and ending with ADAPT.

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