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Turn your Airtable or Google Sheets into modern business tools that you need.

Adhesion Co. is a Softr Partner

Softr Partners specialize in helping you bring your dream to life. From data collection, modification, workflows and more, we're here to help.

Airtable to the next level.

If graduating from Excel means moving to Airtable, then Softr is the next step. Airtable is great at organizing your data in an intelligent fashion, and presenting it - to a certain extent. But Softr brings that data to life and makes it moreactionable for you, your team, and your external users.

Collecting payments is simple with Stripe integration.

Let users sign up and sign in securely with email and password. Charge customers with recurring or one-time payments, and easily apply free trials and coupons.

User accounts made easy.

Have certain content from Airtable that you only want visible to certain members? Softr can handle that. We can create private pages and sections based on the user's logged-in status, role and payment tier.

Our Implementation Process

Discovery and Planning

We spend most of our time here learning all about your business and the systems you use, both technical and manual “systems”. Understanding your business processes is critical. We then map out a plan for early impact and success.

Design and Documentation

You wouldn't build a house without blueprints and system implementations are very similar. The design and documentation process helps ensure everyone is on the same page, validates what the desired outcome is, and provides a roadmap for implementation.

Implementation and Customization

The best systems are customized to the uniqueness of your industry and organization. The time spent here will make the system relevant and user friendly to your team members while enabling them to operate most efficiently within the new system.


Every system requires data. The standardization of that data it critically important to a successful migration. We spend our time helping you gather and compile data from any systems that you use today so that it can be easily transferred to your new system.