Xano Logo

Xano is the low-code backend to power and scale any application. Xano comes with everything you need to quickly launch a Backend without worrying about scale.

Adhesion Co. is a Xano Partner

Xano Partners specialize in delivering backend solutions to meet the unique needs of your business whether that means powering a front end web or mobile application or creating a database for normalization and integration across your other applications. Schedule a call today to get started.

Integrate and Connect to Everything

Xano can connect to anything with an API. With Xano's patented No-Code API creator we create business logic without the limits you experience in other Low-Code or No-Code tools.

Store Data with no Record Limits

Upgrade from a spreadsheet to a sophisticated database. Xano stores your data on PostgreSQL, which provides the flexibility of a relational Database along with the Big Data needs of a NoSQL solution.

Scalable by Design and Secure

Think No-Code can’t scale? Xano can. Each account is provisioned with Docker and orchestrated by Kubernetes to provide a stable, scalable environment. Xano practices and complies with the highest software security standards. All data stored within Xano is encrypted at rest and is transmitted securely over SSL.